Don’t lose control in the cloud


By Louise Taute, Comstor Director

Your enterprise data is one of your biggest business assets and while the cloud will optimise storage and management of your data, it also puts you at risk of losing control of your data. Private clouds keep you in control of your data while public clouds reduce costs and increase agility. It is tempting to use them together, but multiple cloud services can lead to added complexity, lack of visibility and vendor lock-in.


Increasingly, the way to deploy new applications and meet changing IT services demands is to use a mix of private cloud and public cloud services, each offering trade-offs between flexibility and control. But there is also no one solution that will be perfect from the get the get go. You will have to experiment in order to discover what works best for your business.


On-premise private clouds offer full control over data, but are difficult and expensive to scale. Private cloud services will let you retain control, but do not offer low cost commodity compute power and scalability, require giving up control and putting your data into the hands of external providers.


However, new architectures have emerged that offer new ways to blend private and public resources to optimise service delivery and rein in costs. These new architectures allow companies to maintain full control of their data by connecting private storage resources to a variety of cloud services through high-performance interconnections.  As a result, IT organisations can now receive many of the benefits of public cloud while retaining the data control they currently enjoy with their private clouds.  


NetApp Private Storage for cloud solutions, as an example, offers a new hybrid cloud architecture that blends the flexibility of public cloud compute with the control of private dedicated storage. Furthermore, the solution brings added benefits including the ability to satisfy the performance requirements of the most demanding applications.


With a solution like this you gain data control, plus the opportunity to leverage cloud compute flexibility, which means you can transform the way your business delivers IT services. You will no longer be constrained by hard to scale data centre infrastructures. You can pick the best cloud platform for each application, assured that your company data is protected.


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