Using the IoT to better customer experiences

By Louise Taute, Comstor Director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phrase that most people should be familiar with by now. After all, it has disrupted the way consumers live their lives, the way people do business and is now shaping the future of the customer experience. In 2016, it’s been predicted that IoT will expand into an omnichannel experience.


IoT was made a reality thanks to the explosive growth of cloud computing, wireless technology, device connectivity and advanced analytics. According to research reported on by, one-third of companies report using IoT already with the last third planning to do so this year. It’s been predicted that this year will see the IoT expand into an omnichannel experience, aimed at creating the best seamless customer experiences.


However, it will be important that companies take care not to create another siloed channel when using IoT to improve customer experience and this according to, will only be achieved by adhering to best practices for connecting IoT platforms to the contact centre in order to create a seamless customer experience across all interaction channels.


So how exactly can you use the IoT to create better customer experiences? Firstly, thanks to IoT, customers now have access to information from companies and employees of companies at lightning speed as opposed to in the past when a company’s interaction with customers was largely limited to the point of sale. Now, connected devices provide companies with real time data that they can analyse to gain a better understanding of customers with things like consumer trends and purchasing patterns which will in turn assist in the improvement of the customer experience.


In fact IoT can also help businesses improve customer experiences if they leverage it to deliver higher performing products and services and to refine the marketing process, so that customers don’t receive unnecessary spam. IoT and data from connected devices is changing the ways that companies interact with their customers. Think better relationships with customers, more personalised services and products and really just knowing your customers – that’s priceless.


At Comstor we are all for what IoT can deliver to customers - so contact us and we’ll assist you in finding the products your business needs to better customer experiences, because after all, it’s the experience that the customer remembers most, so you need to make it a fantastic one.


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