Borderless Networking

The Cisco Borderless Network Architecture is the technical architecture that allows organizations to connect anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on any device - securely, reliably, and seamlessly. It is the foundation for the Cisco Intelligent Network, providing optimization, scale, and security to collaboration and virtualization. The architecture is built on an infrastructure of scalable and resilient hardware and software. Components of the architecture come together to build network systems that span your organization from network access to the cloud.

Borderless Network Architecture

Cisco Motion delivers seamless mobility and reliable, mission-critical, wireless access to improve workforce productivity. Watch a demonstration.
  • Use Cisco CleanAir technology to mitigate RF interference and protect performance.
  • Apply Cisco ClientLink technology to help increase channel capacity of up to 27 percent in overall channel capacity and 65 percent in average throughput for 802.11a/g clients.
  • Deliver superior multi-cast video over wireless networks with Cisco VideoStream technology.
  • Visit Design Zone for Cisco Unified Access to view Cisco Validated Design (CVD) guides.
Energy Management 
Reduce energy costs and improve efficiency with Cisco EnergyWiseWatch a demonstration. Realize energy savings while meeting corporate sustainability mandates.
  • Access a broad ecosystem through open APIs and software development kits (SDKs) for all energy management needs.
  • Increase energy efficiency across IT operations and facilities with Cisco Services for Energy Management.
Cisco SecureX, a context-aware security architecture, enforces security policies across the entire distributed network, not just at a single point in the data stream. Its components include:
  • Cisco Security Intelligence Operations for more effective security with global threat correlation and real time updates.
  • Cisco AnyConnect solutions and Cisco TrustSec to help connect mobile and endpoint devices to the network and cloud environments securely with context-aware policies and enforcement.

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Application Performance 
Cisco Application Velocity
 improves the speed and availability of any application to increase business continuity and employee productivity. Watch a demonstration.
Multimedia Optimization 
Cisco Enterprise Medianet scales the network and prioritizes video, collaboration, and multimedia applications with any device to optimize user experience. See a demonstration.
  • Reduce your video deployment time to just minutes.
  • Enhance visibility into network conditions that affect the quality of applications.
  • Simplify and accelerate troubleshooting of video, voice and data applications.
  • Visit Design Zone for Video to view related Cisco Validated Design (CVD) guides.
Cisco management solutions help IT departments more effectively deploy, manage, and troubleshoot the network and the services that it delivers.

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