Collaboration with Comstor

Business today increasingly requires on going interaction between your organization and your customers, partners, and suppliers. The people you work with may be located anywhere in the world, and you may rarely meet in person. Harness the power of participation by implementing a collaboration architecture that delivers experiences that will keep your users coming back for more.

Think Comprehensively, Build Incrementally

The elements of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture establish a collaboration core that powers compelling experiences both within and among organizations. Working together in a modular fashion, these capabilities allow you to develop an investment plan that helps ensure interoperability with your existing assets. By implementing a collaboration architecture, you can also gain capabilities that provide:

  • Highly secure and reliable access from any location
  • A consistent user experience on any device
  • Delivery of any content type - video, voice and data for immersive interaction

Explore the Cisco Collaboration Architecture

Collaboration Architecture

Collaboration Architecture Differentiates Business Value

This open, integrated foundation works with new and existing technologies, and positions you to realize new business opportunities. By aligning this architecture with your strategic goals, the technologies deployed within this framework allow you to:

  • Transform business processes
  • Boost organizational efficiency
  • Accelerate your time to market


The Cisco collaboration architecture offers you significant competitive advantages. It breaks down the barriers to collaboration that traditionally exist between different content formats, tools, devices, companies, and people working towards a common goal. As a result, it provides the architectural flexibility and organizational agility you require to quickly respond to the changing needs of your business.



Bridget Nkuna

Marketing Director