The LEAP Center

The LEAP Center (Learn, Experience, Architect, Plan) fulfills our mission of helping our resellers increase and demonstrate their value by emphasizing solution evaluation, pre-design and planning to provide the optimal solutions to meet end-users needs.

LEAP Centers provide a flexible lab environment where the reseller and the end-user can come together  for hands-on demos and training to better evaluate selected compute, core switching & routing, application delivery, data center security, virtualized UC and other data-centric solutions.  The centers focus on business infrastructure virtualization along with high value ecosystem of partner technologies and solutions that promise to deliver significant operational benefits for your end-user customers. 

The LEAP Center is staffed by full time data center experts and may also be complemented by local vendor domain experts.  

Each LEAP Center provides resellers with:
  • The tools to help expand their expertise in creating complete solutions as part of their sales cycle
  • An interactive environment to help our partners define and implement business growth strategies
  • An environment that allows partners to get up to speed on the latest Data Center virtualization technologies
  • The tools to pursue new business opportunities from proof of concept through integration
  • A briefing center for live customer demonstrations and tailored business case proposals
  • Demonstrations of real world applications benchmarks (ex. DB, Mail Multimedia)
  • Demonstrations of energy efficiency differentiation

Interested in more information then schedule one of our certified LEAP specialists to arrange hands-on or remote demonstration labs, training, design validation, webinar or other events or contact your local office .

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Bridget Nkuna

Marketing Director